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About Us

The idea for Chews Naturally LLC started 4 or 5 years ago when I began making healthier treats for family and friends dogs. Dogs liked them so much, their owners kept calling me to tell me that even their pickiest dogs liked the homemade treats.

As I made more treats for dogs, I started researching what goes into commercial treats and how to make them healthier for dogs. Did you know that garlic, onion, grapes and raisins can be potentially fatal to some dogs? Many manufactured treats contain several preservatives and animal bi-product (any part of the animal not used). These ingredients allow the treats to have a long shelf life, but the treats made this way are not so fresh.

All our treats contain whole wheat flour, rolled oats and eggs. Our stocks are made from scratch with chicken or beef bones and scraps, carrots and celery. Every treat in our kitchen is made from human grade (you can eat it too) ingredients and contain no added preservatives, sugar or salt. Basic treats do not have any oil added either (only a tiny bit is added into the frosted treats coating)!!

Our dogs love the treats and spend tons of time begging for them when I'm baking in the kitchen. Your order is baked fresh after the order is placed, so your treats are as fresh as possible when they get to you and your dog. We have several delicious varieties, your dog is bound to find a new favorite in our kitchen!